KMS/2038: Digital and Online Activation Suite for Windows and Office

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KMS/2038: Digital and Online Activation Suite is a tiny and handy all-in-one online activation suite to activate all versions of Microsoft Windows and Office products including Latest Windows 10 and Office 2019 made by mephistooo2 from Turkey, based on abbodi1406‘s (from MDL forum) classic script. Compared with other KMS activation solutions in the market, it is currently the cleanest KMS application that hosts all methods and receives zero virus warnings on almost every antivirus software.

kms 2038 and digital online activation

KMS/2038 & Digital and Online Activation Suite includes five different activation methods: KMS Inject Activation, KMS WinDivert Activation (was discarded for lack of soundness), Digital Activation, KMS 2038 Activation and Online (KMS) Activation. Moreover, this script/console app also can be used to convert the RETAIL edition of Office 2016 and 2019 products to VOLUME edition. When this script application was creating, it referenced the classic batch script written by abbodi1406.

If Some security programs will report this activator as an infected file, it means that it is because the KMS’ emulating behavior is occurred (WinDivert and Digital Activation methods are exceptions, namely they are virus free), nothing else than this. So don’t worry about this. Besides, Digital and Online Activation methods require Internet connection.

What is Windows 10 Digital Activation?

Digital activation for Windows 10 is a method that Microsoft has developed exclusively for Windows 10 to enable easy re-activation of hardware on PCs after reboot.

In the KMS method, if the license server is being virtualized, this method also enables digital activation on your PC as if a hardware change has occurred.

  1. Windows 10 digital license activation method belongs to s1ave77 user (thanks to MDL).
  2. This method requires an internet connection and provides a permanent activation.
  3. Only works for Windows 10, works on all versions.
  4. Up to now known antivirus applications have not seen files of this method as harmful.

What is Windows 10 KMS 2038 Activation?

Windows 10 KMS 2038 activation method belongs to s1ave77 user MDL (thanks to him). With this method, you can use your Windows 10 product licensed by 2038.

  1. Up to now known antivirus applications have not seen files of this method as harmful.
  2. Internet connection is not required for this method.

How to use KMS/2038 and Windows Digital Activation

This is the most simple program to activate Windows and Office. Just open activator as administrator and press any key.

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